Akhenaten- Aten, the sun disk

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Akhenaten- Aten, the sun disk

Post  CicelyS on Sat Nov 23, 2013 6:18 pm

Akhenaten was an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. He is mostly known for his religious views. He believed that there was only one god, called Aten. Aten was the God Sun Disk. He believed that the sun was the power over everything in the world. Because hhe had these views, he tried to change the religion of everyone in Egypt. This was hard, since their religion had been practiced for so long and so much depended on it. Eventually he succeeded. He also moved the capital of Egypt to somewhere else and renamed it Amarna. During his reign the art of Egypt also seemed to change. It was more realistic and also you would see the pharaoh in a more casual environment. In the art of Akhenaten, he looks slightly different to many other pharaoh's, many believe this was because he had some sort of deformity or disease. Unfortunately, we do not know this for sure. Akhenaten changed much in Egypt, but after his death, the religion quickly shifted back to it's original Gods and practices.

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