The many wives of Henry VIII

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The many wives of Henry VIII

Post  CicelyS on Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:33 pm

It is common knowledge that King Henry VIII of England, who reigned between 1509 and 1547, had many wives. What many don't know is their names and their stories. This post while educate you about these things.

His first wife was called Catherine of Aragon. When he got tired of their marriage and was unhappy with their relationship he had to find a way to end it without divorce. Divorce was shamed back then and he had to keep the image his people had of him pristine. The way he got around divorce was annulling their marriage. To annul is to deny validation or to invalidate something. In this case Henry basically said that his marriage to Catherine was never true and official, it was never proper. It did not count as a marriage, therefore he has the right to get married to someone else if he wishes to do so. She died soon after whilst being held in Kimbolton Castle.

His second wife was called Anne Boleyn. Many say Henry knew her and was familiar with her while he was with his last wife. That she was his mistress. Apparently he forced him to find a way to marry her so she could be queen or she would leave him. Many books have been written about her. Her life ended when Henry also annulled their marriage and executed her for having a relationship with her brother, which apparently, was set up.

The third wife of Henry VIII was named Jane Seymour. She died very shortly after giving birth. There have been tales of her having major birth complications which eventually ended her life.

His fourth wife was called Anne of Cleves. You would think that the amount of times that Henry VIII had annulled his marriages, that someone would figure out the fact that he was finding a way to avoid divorce, at some point. Unfortunately for Anne of Cleves, this was not the case and he annulled their marriage.

His fifth wife, and second Catherine he was married to, was named, of course, Catherine Howard. Just like Anne Boleyn, she was annulled and then later executed. He obviously couldn't think of any other way to avoid divorce!

And last but not least, Henry VIII's sixth wife was named Catherine Parr (the third Catherine!). This would be his last wife and she was widowed, meaning he died while he was married to her.

King Henry VIII obviously wasn't a very trustworthy man when it came to getting married! It is interesting to know all of these things about the ladies he married and what happened to them, even though we wouldn't even be born for years and years afterwards! I hope you enjoyed my post! Smile

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