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The nation of Qatar is located in the Middle East. It is a peninsula, bordering the Persian Gulf to the North, and Saudi Arabia to the South. The terrain of Qatar consists of mostly flat land, filled with deserts of sand and gravel; this renders more than 98% of the land unusable. Its landmass of 11,586 square kilometers makes it the 164th largest country in the world. Qatar’s climate is Arid.

It is the richest country in the world. There are approximately 2,000,000 people living in Qatar and about 70% of its population speak Arabic while the other 30% consists of a mix of other foreign languages. 89% of the people in Qatar over 15 years of age are literate due to the fact that the average time spent in full time education is 12 years (generally 11 years for men and 14 years for females which is unusual in the Muslim world). The government of Qatar became an Emirate after it won its independence from the United Kingdom in 1971. Lastly the unemployment rate is 1.6%, which is the 3rd lowest unemployment rate in the world.

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