Dynasties of China

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Dynasties of China

Post  CicelyS on Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:47 pm

Over the years, China has had many different dynasties. A dynasty is a line of hereditary rulers in a country. The different dynasties from ancient China are:

1) Chang Dynasty: This was the first dynasty. It lasted from years: 1523 BC to 1027 BC. They practiced agriculture and all sorts.

2) Zhou Dynasty: 1-27-256 BC. There were many achievements during this time and a lot changed for China. Many philosophical findings were found relating to this dynasty.

3) Qin Dynasty: 221-206 BC. This dynasty didn't last very long. They did make big changes though. This was when the construction for the Great Wall of China first began.

4) Han Dynasty: 206 BC- 220 AD. They finished the Great Wall. They had many trade routes and had a great economy. This was a very good time for China.

Although these are the most known Dynasties, they are hardly all of them. These dynasties are only a portion.

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