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During the 1930’s, starting of World War II, one of the events of confrontations that happened was at the Maginot Line. It was a military underground base the French had built to protect from German attacks, from previous experience in the WWI. The fortification was located all along between the French and German border. Huge of investments were made to create this 720 miles line that stretched from the south of Germany all the way to the north of Belgium. The fortification was named after Andre Maginot, the French minister of War. It was known to be a famous and genius idea because of the complex architecture of the way it was built. It contained air-conditioned areas, eating places, comfortable sleeping rooms, underground railways, etc. It defended a direct attack easily but was proven ineffective when the Germans attacked from Belgium’s side, destroying and making their way to France. The term Maginot Line is often used to state something hoped to success but that ends up failing badly.

In 1940, the Germans attacked by surprised. They went through the Belgian border, even though they were neutral in the war and simply made their way through France in just five days. It is actually one of France’s biggest defeats.

(We have seen pictures from the outside view) This one is of the inside railways..

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Nice post Helena! Smile Here are some interesting facts I found on the Maginot Line.

- The Maginot line was named after Andr[eacute] Maginot .
- He was a politician who served in World War I until wounded in November 1914.
- He ended up using crutches and walking sticks for the remainder of his life.
- He helped complete plans for the defensive line along the northeastern frontier and obtain funds to build it.
- The main fortifications of the Maginot line extended from La Fert[eacute] to the Rhine River, but fortifications also stretched along the Rhine and along the Italian frontier.
- The first attack by the Germans against the Maginot line itself occurred on May 16, 1940.
- The Germans managed to capture the casemates only after four days of hard fighting.
- Despite the use of massive force, the Germans failed to capture a single major fortress before the armistice on June 25.

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