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George Dantzig

Post  Nastiaknd on Fri May 31, 2013 6:27 pm

When the future mathematician George Dantzig was a student, he applied to study very seriously and often would sit up late at night. One day, went to bed really late and came to the lecture of Professor Neumann 20-minutes late .

The student quickly wrote two problems which were on the board, because he though that this is homework. These problems took him several hours, and the next day he brought answers to professor. Professor said nothing, but after a few weeks, came to George`s home at six in the morning.

It turned out that the student found the correct solution of two previously unsolved problems of great mathematics . These problems were written in the board not because it was a homework , but to show problems that nobody could solve.For two hours he was able to solve not one, but two problems on which mathematics suffered a thousand years, and even Einstein could not find a solution to them. George just did not knew that it was impossible to solve .

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