Hitler's Rise Editorial

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Hitler's Rise Editorial

Post  AlexisPak on Wed May 08, 2013 10:34 pm

World News: Germany.
The last president of the Weimar Republic, the aged Marshal Von Hindenburg, January 30, 1933 has appointed 43-year-old fascist demagogue Adolf Hitler as a chancellor of the German Empire. Hitler's appointment is preceding by a complicated backstage struggle, trying to seek power in Germany, which broke out after the Reichstag elections in November 1932. Now Hitler headed the government, where of the eleven members, only three are Nazis: and he is, the Chancellor, Minister of the Interior Frick and Minister without Portfolio Goering. Since 1929, Germany has experienced a severe economic crisis. Hitler's appointment as a Chancellor has a massive psychological effect. People think that Germany has started a brand new era. The Nazis for many years conducted their poisonous propaganda, and the German people in general, are already well acquainted with the main themes of Hitler's "Mein Kampf." Hitler's headquarters at the "Nazis' Kayzergof ", celebrated the appointment with the triumph on his face. And in the evening on the same day the mass hysteria - not only many thousands of storm troopers as they marched in their brown shirts, with lighted torches, and Hitler, throwing arm forward, greeted them from the balcony, but also, perhaps, even more mass hysteria hundreds of thousands of Germans greeted with loud cries of their "F├╝hrer". In conversations of many Germans, especially from the petty bourgeoisie, you can hear the ridiculous epithets such as "the greatest man in the world" or "German Messiah," which, however, pronounce with the utmost seriousness.

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