Hitler gets elected in Germany

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Hitler gets elected in Germany

Post  Brandon H. on Fri May 03, 2013 2:50 pm

August 13th (1932), only a little less than a week ago, Adolf Hitler became the German chancellor. Hitler`s Nazi party had already been the largest party in Germany with a 37.4 % vote, since last July. On the 13th, Hitler had a meeting with the chancellor, President Hindenburg, where he demanded the spot as chancellor. Out of fear of assassination or civil war, and after some negotiation, there was a peaceful passing of power, that let the misguided, dangerous, Hitler, who has been known as a harsh irationalist, with extreme ideas and biases, to obtain divine power in Germany, also due to his party haveing a majority. The dealings had to do with winning vice presidency with a majority, but in the end of the negotiations, he did obtain his power. Divine power gives this unjust man, the power to do things as drastic as start a war and lead his special police force known as the "SS" to do whatever they want. Now America asks itself, how will this dictatorship end? The future isn`t looking bright, with Germany, Hitler, and his Nazis.
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