Dictatorship and Totalitarian Satates

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Dictatorship and Totalitarian Satates

Post  NellieBennett on Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:57 pm

The economic conditions of post war Europe lead to the rise of dictatorship and totalitarian states in the 1930's by besides Germany, no Western nation was more affected by the Depression than the US. By 1932, industrial production fell by almost fifty percent from its 1929 level. Twelve million people were unemployed by 1933. The Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt won the presidential election in 1932 by a landslide.

The New Deal included an increased program of public works. The Works progress Administration (WPA) was established in 1935. Employed three million people at its peak. They built bridges, roads, post offices, and airports. Roosevelt instituted new social legislation. US welfare system was in the 1935 Social Security Act, which included:
- old age pensions
- unemployment insurance
They did not solve unemployment problems, and in 1938 USA still had ten million unemployed.


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