Vampire Sydrome

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Vampire Sydrome

Post  Nastiaknd on Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:41 pm

Vampire Sydrome

Called also Günter's illness or an porphyria, the illness is characterized by that in an organism there is no erythrocytes which, transfer oxygen and iron to cells and tissues.
And these patients under a sunlight final loose hemoglobin and they already don`t have enough of it . And therefore these unfortunate are have to sleep in the afternoon and to be awake at night as the sunlight brings them awful sufferings. Under the influence of sunshine skin, in particular in a mouth, dries and becomes thinner therefore they likely have half-open mouth teeth .
About this people knew already in the ancient time therefore tried to give patients fresh blood that really helped them . All together taken (from blood drink), intolerance of the sunlight, acting teeth, converted in legends about vampires who hunt on people and suck their blood. Actually these poor creatures are absolutely safe for people around and they live extremely not for long.

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