Greatest WWII Leaders

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Greatest WWII Leaders

Post  HelenaD on Sun Apr 28, 2013 4:44 pm

World War 2(1939-1945) - Greteast Leaders

During the World War Two, almost all nations involved were lead by strong dictators or absolute power governments. Three main ones were Adolf Hitler in Germany, Benito Mussolini in Italy, and Joseph Stalin in the USSR. This is a little of information about each of these powerful characters that battled in the WWII.

Hitler: World War II started when Hitler invaded Poland and therefore broke a pact with Czechoslovakia about leaving Poland alone. Germany then decides to invade France, Great Britain, followed by Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. He was angry having lost WWI and wanted to come back by attacking some of these European countries. Hitler had created a Nazi Party or by it's other name, the National Social German Workers Party. He was a great nationalist, politician, militarist, but also a racist by destroying all "impure race" which he considered were jews, homosexuals, blacks, people with brown hair and tan skin. He developed the Holocaust, a mass murder or genocide of 6 million jews. Extermination camps and gas chambers made part of his awful regime and ideas.

Mussolini: This man came in power in Italy in 1922, during a time of depression and corruption in the nation. He created a new political government called fascism which was characterized by the state over individual needs. He also implemented strong ideas about one ruling person to get the economy back. Mussolini thought that with his nation and new regime he would make happen again a new Roman Empire. Mussolini strongly defended Austria and was considered its ally. He had good relations with Hitler too, until this one shot dead the Austrian ruler Chancellor Dollfuss and enraged Mussolini. He then mobilized his troops to the Austrian border to protect and it calmed Hitler down. The world press called Mussolini a hero.

Stalin:Stalin had endured an unhappy childhood, his parents were poor, he was the family's only surviving child, and his father was a violent drunk. Stalin's mother also wanted her son to become a priest. He was the leader of the USSR or the Soviet Union. He first started as the General Secretary of that Communist Party but rapidly accumulated power to become the absolute ruler of the Party, after Lenin died. Same as Hitler, he had a rude, harsh character and killed many people easily. An example of a mass attack he has done was the "Katyn" massacre when he shot 22,000 military. Although he had negative sides, he succeeded into protecting his nation and push off Hitler's nazi invasion during WWII.

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Re: Greatest WWII Leaders

Post  Kat.B on Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:49 pm

Great job! I still have doubts, what would happen if Adolf didn't start the war against Russia. What woul happen if we finally went along the plan and divided the world into Russia and Germany? Or what if Nazi would win? Can you imagine this? We still celebrate the day of Great Victory on the 9th of May is Russia. We give flowers and thank our veterans for not letting thet "if" come true. I also don't understand, why Aryans. I mean, Adolf had dark hair, he had nothing to do with the Aryan race. Question

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