Second Industrial Revolution

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Second Industrial Revolution

Post  maddie on Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:06 pm

Not only was there one industrial revolution but a second one as well! Unlike the other Industrial Revolution this was is mostly known as the Technology Revolution. The technology revolution covers the steel industry, the chemical industry, electricity, and even aviation. Now with the steel side of things they problem was not about making steel it was about making cheap steel. Through this struggle to figure out on what to do about this problem the Bessemer converter which changed everything.
Along with the a number of chemicals were made but America did not take the lead in the part but the Germans. Red dye and sulfur acid was made by a group of german chemists. During that soda making had been revolutionized in the 1860's. In explosive, dynamite which was discovered by Alfred Nobel. It was used in the construction of tunnels, roads, oilwells, and quarries.

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