First Industrial Revolution

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First Industrial Revolution

Post  maddie on Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:42 pm

The transition from the agricultural age to the industrial age revolutionized our today era. It all started in America with a man by the name of Samuel Slater who opened the first industry mill. Which greatly increased the speed of cotton threading; in some ways this was good but unfortunately because of the threading speeding up there was a bigger need for slaves. Samuel Slater originally planned on having this HELP the slaves not causing their condition to be worse or the need for them to grow.
In the mean time of all of that happening, the rise of the wage labor exploited working people in the ways. The first stand against the conditions they had to work in was among the textile workers. They protested against their current wages and factory conditions which occurred in 1824 and even the model mills of Lowell faced large strikes in the 1830's.

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