second Punic war

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second Punic war

Post  martha hildreth on Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:59 pm

2nd Punic war 218 BC- 201 BC
Carthage again became a threat, expanding their territory into Spain and advancing north, closer to Italy. Rome demanded the Hannibal, the greatest Carthaginian general surrender Saguntum, in northern Spain for protection. Hannibal refused and launched an invasion on Italy. His army consisted of 40,000 infantry, 8000 cavalry and 60 elephants; they decided to go through land because through water they would be defeated before they touched Italian territory. After two months they had reached Northern Italy but had lost many of Hannibal’s army. Once he reached Italy, he was almost unstoppable. He defeated the Romans at the Trebia River, and Lake Trasimene. Then they meet up with the Romans at Cannae, where they outnumbered the Romans in cavalry, but the romans outnumbered them in infantry. This war brought victory to Hannibal; it was his greatest victory and one of the most known battles in history. Hannibal, did not attack Rome directly, but went back to Carthage to get reinforcements, before doing it. Hannibal soon saw himself without and army in Rome and was defeated, leaving just the city of Rome alive.

The treaty for this Punic war had cruel effects on Carthage. They had to give up Spain, and the remaining islands of the Mediterranean, and its to pay a huge quantity of money during the next fifty years. At that time Carthage was practically defeated, but in the middle of the century Italy became jealous of Carthage again and the obsession was that Carthage must be destroyed.

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