The Second Industrial Revolution Inventions

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The Second Industrial Revolution Inventions

Post  AnaMartinez on Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:28 pm

The Second Industrial Revolution was a phase that took place right after the Industrial Revolution. It also be known as the Technological Revolution. By this period in time, there was an understanding of chemistry and a basic understanding of thermodynamics, which helped lead to this industrial revolution. Thermodynamic principles were used in order for the development of physical chemistry. Understanding these principles and chemistry, aided the technology development that led to the second industrial revolution. There were many significant inventions that contributed greatly to the development of the second industrial revolution.

The Transportation Revolution:
- The Automobile: Invented in 1885.
- Transcontinental Railroads
- Model T Ford
- The Airplane

Then there was the Communication Revolution:
- Telephone: Invented in 1876.
- Transatlantic Signal: Invented in 1901.
- Phonograph: Invented in 1877.

In the Military Revolution:
- Gatling Gun: Invented in 1862.
- Torpedo: Invented in 1866.

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