socrates, plato and Heracles

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socrates, plato and Heracles

Post  Jordan Wahba on Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:19 pm

He was born in Athens 5th century B.C
c. 469-399 B.C
Socrates encourages people to examine their own beliefs and ideas. Most of our knowledge of Socrates comes from his student Plato.
He wrote no books, but questioned fellow citizens about their beliefs and ideas. he used a method of questioning now called the Socratic Method. Socrates believed this was the way to seek truth and self-knowledge. To the other people he was an annoyance and a threat to their way of life. When Socrates was 70 years of he was put on trial for “corrupting the city’s youth and failing to respect the gods” He spoke out in his own defense. His cool reason seemed like arrogance and he was found guilty. He was loyal to the laws of Athens, and accepted his death penalty and drank a glass of Hemlock, a deadly poison.
c. 427-347 B.C
Plato was shocked by the death of his teacher Socrates. He stayed away from Athens for 10 years, traveling to Egypt, Italy, perhaps India. When he returned, he established the Academy, a school that lasted for the next 900 years.
Plato emphasized the importance of reason. He believed that through rational though, people could recognize perfect beauty, and learn to organize an ideal society. He believed in a world of forms where the perfect form of everything on earth existed. He wrote the republic, a book that describes an ideal state. He felt that the state should regulate every aspect of citizen’s lives. He believed society should be made up of three groups. Workers: to produce necessities of life. Soldiers the defend the state Philosophers: to rule
He was the most popular hero in Greek myth. More exploits than a (logical) lifetime can hold. Geographically diverse. Found in Linear B tablets, (indicating that he is as old as the Greek Gods). Constantly reinterpreted over time. Even different contemporary stories show him in very different lights. Heracles is, basically, not a heroic figure in the Homeric sense. He is not a warrior fighting warriors, he is mainly concerned with animals, just as he is a savage clad in a skin, and his main job is to tame and bring back the animals which are eaten by man. His birth…… Alecmene had just married a young warrior, Amphitryon, who had to go to war before he could consummate the marriage.Zeus took his form and spent the night with Alecmene. Confusion when the real Amphitryon came home! Heracles Birth….. Punishment and Salvation: Amphitryon tried to punish his adulterous wife; Zeus protected her. Twin ship: Heracles was a twin: he was born to Zeus.
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