life doesnt need a strategy

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life doesnt need a strategy

Post  Nastiaknd on Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:43 pm

Once someone asked a World chess champion Garry Kasparov : "How many moves ahead do you think when you play ?" Many people thought that he will say some numbers, and we understand what makes him great. Response showed people why they play chess worse than Kasparov.He said: "The main thing in chess is not that how many moves ahead you think, its how you analyze the current situation."

The point of the method is that we begin to count moves that probably are wrong . And since it is impossible to calculate the total, turns to that the right moves never comes. As a result, we choose the best option of the worst.
By using the same strategy to life, let's think about how often we objectively think about what is happening… Basically we are trying to calculate moves forward, and more often these moves are not forward, but to the side.See clearly the present situation, then make the moves open themselves. He who says he does not know what to do next, doesn’t even knows what's happening to him right now.


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