Cuba's economy

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Cuba's economy

Post  martha hildreth on Sun Nov 11, 2012 10:45 pm

Since the revolution Cuba has faced assassination attempts against Fidel Castro, collapse of its partner (the soviet Union) and decades long US trade embargo. One of the effects that this has on Cuba is that all the cars driven by Cubans are 50 years old. Cubans can’t have new cars even if they can afford it; and the only cars that they are allowed to buy or sell are those made before the revolution.

Houses in Cuba can be passed down generation by generation but cannot be sold; this contributes to Castro’s plan of avoiding difference in the class of society. Most of the people are paid the same amount, all the way from doctors to taxi drivers. The average salary is 20 euros, which varies slightly depending on your career. Castro has made some changes and has decided to give out bonuses to those who work harder and show that they deserve it, he also gives out land to some private farmers.

Health and Education are the strong points in Cuba. Since everyone works for the government and is given a small salary the government uses the money left to improve health and education. It provides the same education for every single person in Cuba, and gets it for free. Nowadays the government is considering to eliminate the military forces and use the money to improve even more the education and Health. Very Happy

In my opinion Cuba has a really poor economy because of the type of government that they follow. I think that Cuba should produce enough for itself and use the money that they spend on import for more important things. I think Cuba has sufficient land and workers to start a new form of life. Many people might agree with what they are doing with the military forces and others don’t. I personally agree because since their economy is decreasing rapidly they should cut off expenses and focus on important things. Exclamation

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Re: Cuba's economy

Post  Dominique on Sun Nov 18, 2012 4:05 am

Good job Martha! You know, I remember from my Model UN trip something very specific. The pair that was representing Cuba was having a rough time joining groups. We had separated into groups to try and find solutions that would help all of our countries at once with just one statement or proposal. But Cuba was having trouble since they have many economic problems AND they do not trade.

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