Scold’s bridle

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Scold’s bridle

Post  Nastiaknd on Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:01 pm

Scold’s bridle is the subject which was invented in the 1500th years ,in Britain and has extended then across all Europe. The iron mask which is fitting tightly in the womens head, was put on women as a punishment for rough chatter and disputes. To talk in it it was impossible. From above there was a bell for getting attention.
it represented an iron mask or a hoop which tightly clasped the head of the woman. Inside this mask there was special a «language limiter» :like a gag , often sharp, sometimes with thorns. it was let into a mouth of the woman, pressing the tongue. Talking inside that mask was impossible ,more than , any attempt could lead to serious damages of the tongue.sometimes called "the branks"'s_bridle

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