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For more than 800 years, Muslim moors occupied Spain. They had established their lands there and had started to create a big population of Muslims. Spain and Portugal were not very happy of them establishing in their nation and also bringing their religion which was not the same as theirs. This is why they started to send armed Christian warriors to fight these people out of their frontiers. The moors consisted of North African and African descendents that were settled in most of South of Spain.

Because they were fought out of Spain, the Muslims weakened and started to lose control. Some of the groups even had fights or wars against each other which did not made it very easy to maintain their presence in Spain. This movement of Spain fighting out the Muslim moors out of their boundaries was called the Reconquista or "reconquest" of their territory occupied by others. In the time of Reconquista, Spain was divided into several kingdoms: Castile, Aragon, Granada... Christian armies against the Muslims won victory after victory and by 1250's they were all thrown out of Europe.

After these wars of Reconquista, Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabela de Castilla, the crown at that time, ensured that Christianity alone was practiced in their kingdom. That is when The Inquisition begun… It was a a process where an organization of priests looked for and punished severely anyone practicing NON- Christian religions. The main people haunted in the Inquisition were the ones that were Jews. People found guilty in the Inquisition were sentenced in public, tortured, burned to death and killed. This process was ruthless which meant that they had no pity or felt sorry for any of them that were caught. I think the people contributing to the Inquisition were coldblooded and weren’t respectful to anyone. Most of the times, the way they would choose them to be banished was by superstition and even if they did not have proof they judged their way and did what they felt was right to do to those poor people Jews or not. Jews were not the only one chased though, since Muslims too, but Jews were in more quantities and they became massacred and killed by thousands. Jews became a race instead of a religion by that time.

The Blood Libel happened in the 1400s and it was rumors about Jews and in a way lies that people started to believe about the Jews. In those times, information went around really quick and lies or rumors could be believed easily. Stories about Jews stealing people’s babies in their house and scarifying them was an example of invention that went around in that time. People actually believed it and they became scared. Those lies were very effective.

Sources: Notes form class.

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