The Ecomienda System

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The Ecomienda System

Post  NellieBennett on Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:19 pm

The Ecomienda System was a system of labor that the Spanish used in the Americas; Spanish landowners had the right, as granted by Queen Isabella, to use Native Americans as laborers. In the system, land overs forced Native Americans to pay taxes and provide labor. In return, the landowners were instructed in the Catholic faith. There was Spanish practice of securing an adequate and cheap labor supply, which is Feudalism. Conquistadors controlled Indian populations and required Indians to pay tribute from their lands. Indians often rendered personal services as well. In return a conquistador was obligated to protect his wards, instruct them in the Christian faith, and defend their right to use the live off of the land. The Ecomienda system eventually decimated the Indian population.


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Re: The Encomienda System

Post  AnaMartinez on Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:02 pm

Here are some facts about the Encomiendas:
- Encomiendas gave the conquistador control over the native populations.
- Natives were required to pay tribute.
- When first applied, the labor work was so hard that the population declined at a very fast pace.
- Because of de Las Casas, this system eventually died out.
- Similar systems were adopted by other colonial powers, such as the Dutch, French, and Portuguese.
- Indigenous people were to work for conquistadores and in return, they were to be protected and taken care of.
- In reality, indigenous people were brutally abused and were definitely not taken care of or protected. They were most likely abused and mistreated by their own owners.

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