European slavery

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European slavery

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The spanish used slaves from natives in the new world when they first discovered it. Christopher Colombus quoted that the native are so kind and that they would give anyone anything if they were to ask for it. Since they were so nice to strangers who have just arrived to their land, they would be great slaves. Only around fifty men would be an acceptable amout to round all of them out and make them work for them. The reason why the spanish conquistadores would make the natives work hard labor for them is the fact of the spanish teaching them about Christianity in the first place.
For the spanish spreading and teaching Christianity to the natives they actually believed that they were doing them a favor. Informing them about Jesus and the spiritual belief in him was a great start of civilizing the natives captivated for slavery. While the natives were captivated for slavery the spanish had the "Encomienda" developed, which was that the natives had to pay a "tax" for living with the spanish and having the ability to work and learn from them.
After years of this going on, they had losed a great amount of population and the workers were lowering in rate and had to be replaced. The lucky chosen ones were Africans. affraid Since Africans were close to Europe and they were easy to trade for, they were a great source of repopulating the lost workers. The spanish would trade manufactured goods to head leaders in tribes from Africa and in exchange they would give them an amount of Africans who were in their tribe as a thanking return. Once Africans were traded, they were taken into the "new world" and made to work hard labor the same way natives were made to do.
With this type of triangular system from Europe to Africa then to the new world and back to Europe came to be the Triangular trade. Raw goods were exported to Europe, then Europe would manufacture the goods and any thing they already had, after that they would ship towards Africa and trade their manufactured goods with them in exchange for Africans who would be made to work for them. Once they had the Africans they would go back to the new world and make them work for them as the cycle would go on various amounts of time. And this is the works of European slavery ! What a Face

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