scientific revolution

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scientific revolution

Post  martha hildreth on Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:21 pm

between the centuries 16th and 17th scientists began to show interest in navigation, astronomy and natural sciences, they began to discover new plants and animals that gave them new ideas for the modern science. Isaac Newton is considered the most important person of the scientific revolution because of all the work he put together of Copernicus whose book was about the epicycles of the Ptolemaic system, Kepler whose theory was that all the planets moved elliptically and Galileo who invented a telescope that magnified 30x than that of the naked eye. this means that Newton explained planetary motion and tried to solve the dilemma, he worked on this for more than 20 years and with time also explained gravity and how this is the force that causes objects to fall to earth. This changed people's impression about the physical world around them, and helped with the discovery in medicine, physics and biology.

The scientific revolution also caused conflict with religious believers and scientists thanks to the contradiction to what the bible tells about the creation and the way the world is supposed to be. Galileo got arrested after he published his book because of the difference of ideas between his book and the bible.

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