Catherine of Aragon

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Catherine of Aragon

Post  maddie on Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:08 pm

Catherine of Aragon was Henry the 8th first wife. She was originally married to his older brother but he died soon after they had been married. Catherine was the princess of Spain. Her relationship with Henry was more political then anything els. But she did grow to love Henry even though Henry truly believed that their matrimony was cursed. He said to wasn't right, the bible was against his matrimony to his late's brothers wife. Catherine was a very respected woman. The people of england loved her. She was a grate ruler, a perfect wife, and was exceptionally smart. Her only flaw was her incapability to birth a healthy baby boy. She had miscarry after miscarry, and still birth after still birth, but was incapable of having a healthy son. She tried many, many times. Some times she would succeed and birth a sun, but only for him to die shortly after. Catherine did eventually give birth to a healthy baby, only to fined that it was a girl. All Henry wanted was a son to inherit hid throne. At this time Catherine was getting old and was not able to have any more children. Henry tried to divorce her but she fought back. She did not want her family to come apart. At the end she eventually lost and got divorced from Henry. Catherine is defiantly a woman to admire. Her intelligence, bravery, and drive made her the wonderful faithful woman that she was.

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Re: Catherine of Aragon

Post  AnaMartinez on Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:25 pm

Nice post Maddie! Smile
Here are some facts that I found on Catharine of Aragon (& Henry VIII):

1. The motto of Catherine of Aragon was 'Humble and Loyal'
2. Catherine was considered pretty in her younger years, but after the many years of miscarriage after miscarriage and being stressed out, it took the toll on her looks and her health.
3. It was said that Henry had more affairs before marrying Anne Boleyn. One with Elizabeth Blount, and then with Mary Boleyn, who was the older sister of Anne Boleyn.
4. Catharine was given the title of the Princess Dowager of Wales.
5. She was moved around different castles and separated from her daughter Mary.
6. Mary was declared illegitimate and lost the title of "Princess", and was referred to as "The Lady Mary".
7. Catharine spent the last months of her life like a prisoner in her rooms.

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