The Crusades

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The Crusades

Post  Brock M. Hay on Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:23 pm

Luckily I remembered that we have to do a blog topic this weekend, or else I would have not have done it at all. As Fisher suggested a wise blog topic would be the crusades. It started with many motives and reasons towards the four blood soaked wars. The point around the war was that the knights, lords, soldiers, criminals, rapists, you name it went across Europe to the middle east to pick on the Muslim group, or called by the Christians the Pagans. The motives are much less blunt than that of reason for American wars (OIL) and had many reasons valid or not. The crusades were hoped to be what healed the great Schism and rebuild unity. It stopped the fighting and bickering between common Europeans and gave them an enemy to unite against. In addition to this there was much land there that wouldn't be horrible for a gain of power. Going to the crusades was also attractive because it offered automatic salvation as well as you would be released from prison and perhaps get to even become a knight. In 1095 pope Urban II called for the first crusade. It is hardly arguable that the crusaders actually won this one, if you consider killing thousands of Muslims for small portions of land winning anyway. The first crusade resulted in most of the Europeans goals completed in terms of reuniting places and killing a load of harmless Muslims. The second crusade was not nearly as successful which took place from 1147 to 1148. In the just of it that the crusaders didn't gain or win any battle or land at all, in fact my only note on the second crusade is a big FAIL that is underlined. The third crusade went okay, it wasn't too much of a "success" but it is not labelled in my notes as a FAIL either. Took place from 1189 to 1191 and had a bunch of famous names like Richard I of England, Philip II of France, and Saladin the Muslim ruler. Also much literature was made off of this crusade for some reason. The fourth crusade which was a combination of like five crusades that took place from 1194 to 1270 was the last crusade for a reason. It was a huge FAIL, mostly because everyone was losing the interest and enthusiasm about gong to fight in the middle east. Don't blame them though the Americans and Canadians got bored of it too, except the Americans didn't really have a reason for it (OIL) and Canada tags along to whatever the Americans are up to. The over all effects of those two hundred years were stimulation of Mediterranean trade, cultural diffusion, and the creation of romantic art literature.
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