Industrial Revolution Powerpoint Assignment

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Industrial Revolution Powerpoint Assignment

Post  Mr. Fisher on Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:44 pm

Instructions: the subject content of our chapter on the Industrial Revolution will be structured in the form of mini-researches. Students have to form into groups of two. Your group must choose one of the following topics to study. Each group needs to produce a PowerPoint file collaboratively to present in class.

Requirements: Your power point must contain at least 10 slides, as well as at least 5 pictures and 200 words of text. Due next Friday, March 18th. Your group must decide your topic by the end of today's class (March 9th).

IMPORTANT: Plagiarized work will receive a ZERO. If you use information from an outside source, be sure to cite your sources on a bibliography page at the end of your assignment.

Suggested topics:

1. Steam
2. Gas
3. Oil
4. Electricity
5. Steamship
6. Communication
7. Railways
8. Cars
9. Planes
10. Electricity
11. Telegraph
12. Telephone
13. Wireless telegraph
14. Vaccination against smallpox
15. Invention of choloroform
16. Pasteurization to kill germs
17. Discovery of X-rays
18. Discovery of Radium
19. Other_______________________

You may include these in your PowerPoint file:

- Why do you choose this topic for study? Why do you think it was the most important invention/discovery in this period of time?

- Who made the invention/discovery?

- Introduce the inventor’s life e.g. childhood

- How could he make the invention/discovery?

- What difficulties did he have and how could he overcome them?

- What social or political impacts did the invention/discovery bring about?

- Does it affect our daily lives, too?

- Why do you think that the invention/discovery is important to us?

(Sounds and images are welcome in order to bring out the audio/visual effects)
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