The History of Aviation: Leonardo Da Vinci

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The History of Aviation: Leonardo Da Vinci Empty The History of Aviation: Leonardo Da Vinci

Post  Brandon H. on Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:36 pm

Leonardo Da Vici, He did everything didn`t he? Well there are some theories that this crafty italian man was the first pilot. He designed and

tested parachutes, this means he was learning the laws of physics . He made two designs in the aviation field that we can tell, besides his

parachute. By the way , the picture below is of a video game, but it does have realistic details. The picture may give you an outline of how he

would have looked like.
The History of Aviation: Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo

One of Leonardos inventions of flying, was a glider, made of wood, cloth and stretched cow hide. This invention resembled a birds flight, we can

see he studied birds flight, through the notes he wrote in journals. First of all, what the mechanism was, was two wings that were not symetrical

at all and had no kind of camber curvature what so ever. Under these wings, was a wood bar, where you hold on, and to keep you horizontal

there were feet pegs, which also were thought to have a greater affect. The wings on each side actually flaped, with mechanical linkages made

from pulling, "pulleys". But the strange design, would not have caused much lift, but there was another source of lift. One particular drawing

shows the Da Vinci`s glider being lifted by hot air rising from a fire below on the ground. Even though the glider could create lift, flaped like a bird

and in the exact correct context, could fly for an eternity, it is still a glider and not a plane, planes have engines, gliders are engine-less aircraft.

This model was later used, but supposedly hundreds of years later, but theories go on that he made and piloted them, not just designed.

Imagine him, with a team of few other Italians, on a tile roof of a house in Rome, and making the first flight ever.
The History of Aviation: Leonardo Da Vinci Da-Vinci-glider

Leonardo Da Vici`s other design, that he may too have piloted, is the Ornithopter. Technically it`s a glider, but it much resembles a helicopter.

Imagine a spheric wood cockpit, then there were landing pegs, the first langing gears in the world. Then , like bicycle pedals in the cockpit. These

pedals would a stick that was stuck through th middle of the cockpit, and extended through the top. On this stick would be a down ward circular

rotor made of wood and cow hide. One, never ending rotor, created lift. Flight occurance was unclear. So many questions, could the contraption

get past ground effect? Could it move in terms of x and y axises and not just up and down on the z axis? We will never know, how

awesome it would be to have Leonardos own flying notes and journal.
The History of Aviation: Leonardo Da Vinci Ornithopter

Well I hope you liked the post, you probably learned another triumph of Leonardo Da Vinci, I might make more Aviation history posts like the

Wright Brothers, The laws and principles of aviation and stuff like the first jetliners, the creation of the jet engine, world war 2, Helicopters,

famous crashes, todays airforce, the first Boeing, the biggest in production plane, airforce one, and many more. Tell me in your reply if you want

more of these
The History of Aviation: Leonardo Da Vinci American_air_force_fighters_screensaver-18762-1

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The History of Aviation: Leonardo Da Vinci Empty Re: The History of Aviation: Leonardo Da Vinci

Post  Brock M. Hay on Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:18 pm

I enjoyed the pictures and the fact that the animated Leonardo Davinchi picture is actually from Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. In my opinion Leonardo was one of the world's greatest minds, making the world's first calculators for example. He also did extensive work on human anatomy and artwork. If you've seen the Davinchi code you'll know all about his art. He also designed many war weapons under the Roman emperor's force, he designed a tank made out of wood, swift navy machines will mass flame throwers of destruction, and a similar idea with a flying machine. His tank was the most unique, using spining wheel haudrolics, and having canons all over it for fireing in any direction!
Brock M. Hay
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The History of Aviation: Leonardo Da Vinci Empty History of Aviation

Post  MariaelenaFarina on Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:18 pm

Wow Brandon, you really chose a topic that is unique and is something that you really are interested in. I would love to see some more posts like this, it is fun to look at the picture, and besides i learn completely new things.

I had no idea that Leonardo Da Vinci had anything to do with the History of Aviation. I just knew that Da Vinci was an Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer.

I learned a lot,
Thanks Brandon! :p


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The History of Aviation: Leonardo Da Vinci Empty Re: The History of Aviation: Leonardo Da Vinci

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