Nero, the self proclaimed artist.

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Nero, the self proclaimed artist. Empty Nero, the self proclaimed artist.

Post  Brandon H. on Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:45 pm

Nero was a strange emperor, rather then giving many orders he traveled and performed dranatic skits. It is said that he was just awful but none were to say anything of it, for if anyone spoke against Nero, his secret police would kill them. Nero went as far as Greece performing plays. Nero even sang songs, such in the oprah genre. This was not the only doings of Nero, he also liked to hit and sexualy assault women at night in a sneaky manner, batman comes to mind, walking dark stone streets at night in secracy. He lived from years fifteen, to sixty-eight C.E. He died at age fifty-three, apparentely he commited suicide to the words, "what an artist, the world is losing".
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