The Construction of the Coliseum

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The Construction of the Coliseum

Post  Brock M. Hay on Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:30 am

If you think of ancient structures the first things that come to your mind are the pyramids and the coliseum, that just proves who famous and what impact the coliseum gave Rome. One might even say it still is the most famous strusture that exists. The genius design came from the idea of putting two Greek amphitheatres back to back and taking out the middle wall. The structure was planned and made by four contractors, each in charge of a quadrant, it is not known today the names of the contracotrs. thedouble amphitheatre holds fifty thousand, under the coliseum holds a complex system of vaults that hold wild animals, gladiators, and equipment. Eighty walls under the coliseum hold this system of vaults, and under these vaults are a system of sewage and water ways that were used to present naval battles in the coliseum's early days. There are fourn floors of the coliseum (not including the roof) all supported by different types of Greek pillars. The first floor is supported by Doric illars, the second by Ionic pillars, the third by Corithian pillars, and the fourth by a variation of the Corithian pillar called Corithian pillaster. The head of the construction was the dictator Vespasiano, who began the roject in 72 AD, unfortunately Vespasiano died in 79 AD and his son Tortus saw the coliseum complete. The Coliseum had many changes added to it years after it had been built, after a while theRomans added a retractible roof canopy that was a system of ropes holding arge sock like things that would shade the croud from the sun, yet keep it light at the same time. Also many years after the coliseum was built the senate voted to get rid of the water flooding system that controlled the naval battles and replace the bottom area with a system of trap door pulleys. What this did was in the middle of a battle, at any moment any where another gladiator or a wild beast would just pop out of the ground for a surprise attack because of the pulleys under the coliseum. The coliseum is and probably will be (if not the) one of the most famous and well known notorius man made wonder in the world.

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Brock M. Hay

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Construction of the Coliseum

Post  MariaelenaFarina on Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:17 pm

Hey Brock, we talk a lot about the same things in this post, it is a very interesting topic. The Coliseum has so many details about it that it is hard to get all of them in a single post. Here are some things i learned from your post this week:
-It was made by 4 contractors, one for each quadrant
-it holds 50 thousand people
-There are 4 floors
-All the different pillars that support each floor
-The main constructor was a dictator named Vespasiano
-The project began in 72 AD

Thanks for the great post Brock! Very Happy


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