The military of Carthage during the Punic wars.

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The military of Carthage during the Punic wars.

Post  Brock M. Hay on Wed Jan 18, 2012 9:44 am

The Punic wars that raged between Rome and Carthage were some of the most ferocious and famous battles of all time. A huge factor of Hannibal's huge army was its diversity, morale, and famous strategy. Carthage was an empire that extended far and wide over Africa and the Carthagineans had a lot of sistance from some of the Gall tribes in the Alps, so unlike the Romans, who had the exact same equipment and fighting style, the Carthagineans had a wide spread of fighting styles and types of infantry. All soldiers of Carthage rode horeses since they were children, so they are amazing on horse back.There were east African warriors who held two large curved swords and chain mail and simple light armour, the North African infantry carry medium heavy armour, a small round shield and a short sword, with a much ore organized technique. The Spanish soldiers had very strong yet light Bronze armor, and carried either a sword and shield, or a long sword. The Gaul soldiers that were allied to the Carthineans went to battle naked, intimidating the enemy, and used typically two short swords. Sophisticated fighting, savage fighting, many styles of fighting were in Hannibal's possesion, which makes it hard for the Romans to strategize against them. The Carthagineans ruled the Meditterainian sea and they had a fantastic navy unfortunatly it wa s strategically foolish to bring the navy into the majority of the Punic wars. A huge factor of the war was the elephants that the Carthineans had brought from the jungles of Africa. There were hundreds of elephants being traded, three hundred in the city of Carthage itself. On the battle field the soldierd would stab the elephants fee with firey hot metal daggers angering the elephant making it run through the Romans destroying every thing in its path. Its deadly tusks, size, and speed shocked the Romans to their core. At some times what would hapen was since they elephants were so angry they killed everything, not caring what it was so at times the Romans figured out a way to turn the elephant around charging into and killing his own army! The great mind that made it all work was their leader Hannibal. Hannibal encouraged the orale of his soldierds by sleeping and eating with them, being like a brother to them, but he would also not accept failure, and crucified all the captains that brought him failure. His great tactics won him all of his battles, when he tricked the tempered leader of the Romans over the icy river in the Norhtern areas, he had a famous tactic that killed seventy thousand Romans in one day by surrounding them by suprise with a certain formation. Another great strategy was when he tricked the Romans in lake Tresame to believe that his army was tiny, when his true army was behind waiting to execute the perfect ambush. My entire blog post was dedicated to Hannibal's army itself when there is there is so much more to talk about like Hannibal's life, The Roman leaders and efforts in the war, and the three wars themselves. I may in fact write either another blog post this week or wait until next week to write about Rome's army plus their efforts in the Punic wars.
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