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The Cave Allegory Empty The Cave Allegory

Post  Brandon H. on Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:31 pm

The cave allegory is the best metaphor for the human condition. It was made by Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher. The cave allegory expresses how humans only believe what they see in front of them, and are narrow minded.,r:3,s:0

Here is the story. Imagine three people, that from infancy to present, have been trapped in a chair, only to see forward. They see shadows, portrayed to them by people making them in front of a fire. One day, one escapes and is free into the cave, he follows a path to the above world, and the sun blinds him. then he recovers and sees everything as its reality. He goes down to get his two companions. They claim he is crazy, and don`t listen. They stay with their shadows.

They think he`s crazy, but he has only seen the truth. i shouldn`t day crazy, crazy doesn`t exist, only perspective. This shows that we are in a cave, and once one has seen the light, we will cast him out. and the light can hurt, but the truth is find -able
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