Philosophers of Greece.

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Philosophers of Greece.

Post  Brock M. Hay on Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:58 am

Last week I did a post on a couple Greek myths. But Greece culture isn't just about myths, gods, and extravagant religions. In fact most of these myths were at an end at the end of the Trojan war about 1200 BCE, after this was an age of science, mathematics, and philosophy. Philosophy is the Greek term for lover of wisdom, the main idea of philosophy was to pursue truth in life, beyond, meanings of existence, and ourselves. I will talk about a few philosophers that we may have or have not talked about in class. Note that many if not all of these philosophers were also very much involved with science and mathematics.

The first is Thales of Miletus. Its unfortunate but we know barely anything about him, besides later philosophers and historians that wrote quite about about him. He was told to be extremely wise. He predicted the solar eclipse and he was right as told from historians. The solar eclipse took place on the day the Lydian king Alyattes and the Median leader Cyaxares had fought a battle. Using geometry Thales was able to measure the pyramids of Egypt. But one of his greatest things that he was known for was physical Phenomia. I am not going to dwell on that since I only understand that it is mixed both with Philosophy and Physics and is very complicated.

The next one is Pythagoras, Famous for the well known Pythagorean Theorem measuring the hipoteneus of right triangles. He left his homeland to study and learn what he can from the wise men of Egypt. Unfortunately Pythagoras was captured by Persians while the Persian emperor Cambyses was taking over the Nile. But it wasn't half as bad as you'd think. The Persians realized who Pythagoras was and how useful in Sciences he was so they made him a student of the wise men of Babylon, another region that was taken by Persians. They say Pythagoras visited the Brahmans (highest caste) of India and learned their teachings and religion. As Pythagoras as well believed in reincarnation. Near the end of his life Pythagoras's life he lived in Southern Italy, where he founded a community of philosophers.

These Philosophers were not as important or famous as Socrates, Plato, or Aristotle was but they were important all the same.
The website I paraphrased from for the two philosophers:

So tell me people, what other philosophers do you know of, what importance did they do for Greece and Europe?
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