Women's Rights during the Enlightenment.

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Women's Rights during the Enlightenment.

Post  kknoff on Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:20 am

Women during this age was very limited, they still had "natural rights" applied by most philosophes, but it did not apply in the same way. These rights were especially limited in homes and in the family. Around the mid 1700s a rising group of women strongly protested against this view, how the were treated in society and their limited opportunities. One of them, Mary Wollstonecraft, who wrote Vindications of the Rights of Women
In 1792, in it she tried to write the equal qualities that men and women should have and try to balance them to make her point.She also wanted to demolish the ideas of the philosophes writing most likely the ones written in the Ecyclopedie the current view that separated the ethics of men and women and that assigned reason given to men and attitude to women.
At the same time Women were very important in the age of the Enlightenment they helped philosophes in ways to avoid censorship, they even hosted the Salons. But even though their helpful ideas were useful in the Enlightenment, the philosophes did not consider the abilities or rights of women. One philophe Jean-Jacques Rousseau said that men and women were separated in figure that women should not be given equal education to that of men.


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