The first persian war

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The first persian war Empty The first persian war

Post  Brandon H. on Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:16 pm

Approximately 500 B.C.E is when the brewing up of the first Persian war began. Greece was overpopulated and had more families then homes. They searched for land on the coast of the Asian minor, they assembled colonies. Darius, emperor of Persia would not allow cockroaches to multiply along the coast of the superior, favored race. This was how they thought of themselves. i would rather type on the later events, this was just the growing of angry tension. In short, the Persians killed the Greeks on the Persian coast.

Darius was so displeased with what had passed that he made a terrible and fast decision to engage in a war with Greece. The Persians army of sloppy, untrained, unorganized, low budgeted slaves out numbered the Athenians five to one. Out of jealousy no one helped the Athenians. The Spartans said they would after five days, for they were having honoring traditional ceremonies. The Athenians had organized combat though, great armor, discipline, and crafty weapons.

Despite what everyone must have thought, the Athenians crushed the Persians. They had to call a retreat. The organization, plus the "sloppiness" of the Persians added up to Athens victory.Darius never came back for the rest of his life.
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