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The trojan war Empty The trojan war

Post  Brandon H. on Sun Nov 13, 2011 10:50 pm

This took place around 1200 B.C.E. This was a battle between the Greek`s and the Trojan`s. The Trojan`s had the home field advantage, because the Greek`s were the attackers. Agamemnon, the king of kings in Greece at the time, wanted to expand his empire. Troy was his next target. Troy was a walled-in city, on top of a hill, past the coast of the Asian minor.

Other characters that stood out in the war were, Achilles, the best warrior ever to fight, Patroclus the best friend of Achilles, Helen wife of king of Sparta, Hector first prince of Troy and Paris second prince of Troy. This is a very short list, there were many people who contributed to the conclusion.

The first battle was storming the beach, which the Greek`s won, there were many battles in the ten years.In between the storming of the beach and the finale. Achilles and Agamemnon hated each other, this resulted in Achilles wanting to leave, but then His best friend Patroclus was war hungry and decided to fight. He wore Achilles armor and fought. He was killed by Hector. This made Achilles angry, so he came back. He fought Hector for a whole day, no one fought Achilles quite like Hector did, but Achilles struck him down. The Trojans lost a prince.

The end, came when the Trojans went up to the coast where the Greek`s were and there were dead bodies and a big wooden horse. It must have been Apollo, the sun god right, I mean it makes sense for a giant wooden horse to be gifted by the god. Paris thought they should burn it. Little did they now that this was the Greek`s intelctual Odyseus`s plan. Inside the horse were about 30 of the Greek`s best warriors. At night, the Trojans had brought the horse into the walls and the Trojans slipped out, opened the gate for the whole army from the inside and killed everyone.

The Greek`s won. They burned down Troy, but many Trojans left through back mountain tunnels, like Helen Paris and the widow of Hector with Hectors baby boy. Before Paris left, he spotted Achilles and took his bow staff and shot him through the ankle. This killed him, this is a grey area. well there you have it, the shortest possible sum up of a ten year war and one of the greatest and biggest wars of history.
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