communism in Cuba vs. communism in Russia

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communism in Cuba vs. communism in Russia Empty communism in Cuba vs. communism in Russia

Post  Brandon H. on Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:45 pm

Communism actually has sometimes worked in the past. Take Cuba for example, they have the best medical advances and services in the world. That is based on the power communism gave the government. We can also look at Russia, communism was terrible, just awful.

As a personal opinion, I don't think I could work with communism. I couldn't work my whole life knowing I don't have a goal, that i can`t reach a higher level of wealth. There are many people who like to live safe knowing that they will always have a financial guard.

Cuba has not only an exceeding medical sector but it also leads in education system. The government has been funding the right things. This country is surprising especially since it is a latin american country, these countries have bad reputation for medical education and poverty sectors.

Russia was in a rut for the longest time. They had a communist government, that did not meet the needs of Russia. Only when they gained a more "right wing" government did they start improving in everything. So I guess that there's no
wrong way to govern, it just works for different people and places.

Canada has a far better economy then the States, and they have a conservative majority, meaning translated from Canadian, they have a democracy, with the democracy wieling full power. It just goes to show the difference is made by the people and environment, not by governing strategies.
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