2000BCE to common era: the birthtime of religions. And review on philosophy

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2000BCE to common era: the birthtime of religions. And review on philosophy

Post  Brock M. Hay on Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:44 pm

Strangely throughout our entire course from seventh grade social studies to this year hundreds of religions birthed around the time from 2000 BC to the common era. The journey of Moses and the chosen people that discovered Israel took place sometime Right before 1000BC and Abraham existed a while before Moses set out his journey. As hopefully you all know Christianity started at the begging of the common era, when he died. Hinduism as we recently studied had roots all the way back to like 2000BCE, Buddhism which grew from Hinduism came in about five hundred BCE. The three philosophies we studied, Confucianism, Daioism, and legalism were all founded in about five hundred BC as well! These three things are not religions, they do not speak of gods or what happens after death, they speak about ethics, laws, and your responsibility as a human.

Legalism is the belief that humans are naturally evil. There are many strict laws with extremely harsh punishments to prevent evil, and the entire government depends on one ruler only. This philosophy was invented by a ruler of the Han dynasty, I don't know the rest of his name. Daoism is closely related to Buddhism, they think that a human is naturally good, they think that we should have no rules and no laws and move with accordance to nature. Their metaphor states that the world is a river, and we should go with the flow rather than resisting the world. I'm guessing this philosophy was made by a monk of some sort. And finally confucism is all about how we treat certain people in our family and who rules us. This philosophy made by conficous who was a man who wanted to go into government, but became a teacher when unsucessful became a teacher. His students spread his teachings with analects, a book with all his verbal lessons. Which consists of respecting parents, husbands, grandprents, and rulers greatly.
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