The horrors of the third crusade

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The horrors of the third crusade

Post  Brock M. Hay on Wed Oct 05, 2011 7:03 pm

One of the most horrifying times in the dark ages was the third crusade. It was a time when lands had many religous conquests and there were devastating invasions from European to regions in Israel. King Richard of England was the most successful king at this time. If you were a middle class citizen walking down the road of Damascas, Acre, or Jerusalem you would find large areas where dead and mutilated bodies were kept. These bodies came from war victims, tortured prisoners, or work done by the doctors who used the prisoners from other lands to brutally experiment on. Most rulers who focused more on the religous aspect rather than just getting land targeted mostly Israel regions like Jerusalem because it was considered the holy land. It was because they thought all their holy secrets and wonders were hidden there because of all the history that took place there. There was much corruption in the high class because even the richest merchants feared that they would lose everything. This fear corrupted them and made life worse for all in terms of gathering more slaves giving less pay and making goods more expensive. To try and make a bigger surplus of money merchants exported goods to very distant lands on hard routes. In my opinion the third crusade is the dark age's version of what would have happened during the Cold War if Russia actually tried to conquer the US, except it was a matter of power not religon. It is strange how a view on a holy place like Israel changes in a thousand years. When Moses and his Jews arrived it was a land of opportunity, in the third crusade it was a source of power that almost all desired. In the end King Richard was captured and executed by the men of Duke Leopold.

So tell me guys, how would this be similar if an international conquest for power broke out and all developed countries attempted to take the United States? How would it be different?
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