Neolothic Revolution

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Neolothic Revolution

Post  JodievanIeperen on Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:23 am

About 11,000 years ago nomadic bands learned how to farm, this was a big breakthrough. Now being able to produce there own foods they wouldnt have to travel around anymore to survive and find new animals to hunt. Villages were created by the farmers, and new tools and skills were created. Nobody knows how people found out how to plant seeds, and neither where all this started. But farming made such a big change, it still effects how we life today, and how some people make there money.
People also learned how to domesticate, or tame, animals. This would make farming easier, and also would have more food. This also still has effect on us today because now we have pets. This made living for these people easier, because now they didnt have to go hunting, or wait for the animals to stay or return from other places. The neolothic revolution still has a lot of effect on people today. It was a very important change.


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