Neolithic revolution, sumed up

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Neolithic revolution, sumed up Empty Neolithic revolution, sumed up

Post  Brandon H. on Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:08 pm

If this never happened, i wouldn`t have to be writiing this. It was the most important act of humans in all of our history. Others would argue otherwise but thats in my opinion.This is when humanoids learned how to farm, so they stopped being nomads and gave them time for mass production. Mass production as in mass reproduction, government creations, language creations and grew, and so did knowledge, the first leap for mankind ever since the first homo-sapiens
This occured an estimated 11,000 B.C.E. After the basic inventions in paragraph one, they sarted making workshops, where they made gardening tools, such as the first trowels and smooth axe heads. Religion was also invented, they where anisims. another more then basic invention was not only domesticating animals, but getting oxen and water buffalo to pull the plow. Some dominicans have not even achieved this.
The overall villages grew, they had elder councils and wrrior ranks favouring some peoples says then other. As a result of this males dominated in family, goverment and importance. The women no longer needed to collect nuts and barries, but I would like to point out that itwas the females who founded farming on there fruit travels. They made this all possible but for 17 thousand years made themselves no longer as important and more disrespected.
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