Working-Class struggle

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Working-Class struggle

Post  Paola fix on Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:27 pm

Workers tried to improve the harsh conditions of industrial life. They protested against low wages, long hours, unsafe conditions and the constant threat of unemployment. Business owners and the governments tried to stop these protests but by mid century workers slowly began to make progress. Mutual aids societies (self help groups to aid sick or injured) were formed.
Women and Men joined socialist parties or organized unions.
By the 1800s most western countries had granted all men the right to vote.
Workers also won the right to organize unions to bargain in their behalf.
Pressured by unions, reformers and working class voters, governments passed laws to regulate working conditions: outlawing child labor and banning the employment of women in mines, limited work hours + improved safety.
1909: british coal miners won an 8 hour day.
Overall standards of living improved.

Source: World History Text Book, page 251
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