Stresses in the Muslim world

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Stresses in the Muslim world

Post  Paola fix on Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:10 pm

The Muslim empire was an enormous regions that extended all the way from Western Africa to South east Asia. \The Muslim world was made into three major parts, first the Mughals that were from India, then the Ottomans in the Middle east, and the Safavids in Iran, all these different empires under mulsims were empires that were ruling much of the world in the 1500s. Later, by the 1700s all these empires were in decline. There was a variety of causes. First, the central governments had lost control over landowning nobles, military elites, and urban craft guilds (merchants or artisans who cooperated together to protect their economic interest), these were major powerful groups that controlled the lands. Corruption was everywhere. Maybe they were influence by European powers and wanted to become their own nation aside from the muslim world. In other places some of the Muslim scholars and religious leaders were allied with the state. In other areas these people helped to stop the discontent against the government. In the 1700s and early 1800s a reform movement was beginning in the Muslim world. Most stressed over religious devotion and strict rules of behavior. The Wahhabi movement in Arabia is one of the examples, this movement rejected the schools of theology and law that had emerged in the Ottoman empire. However, in their place they wanted to recapture the purity and simplicity of Mohammed's original teachings. the Wahhabis were led by an Arab prince to go against the Ottoman rule. Even though the revolt against the Ottoman's was crushed the Wahhabi movement survived. Today, its teachings are still influential in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Still, Islamic revivals continued in Africa.

Source: Text Book page 325
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