The crusades

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The crusades

Post  Marielly Martinez on Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:26 pm

The crusades (1095 A.D) introduced Europeans to a wider world. the crusades also led to increased trade and more powerful monarchs. The crusades was base in cross intersection, conquest and troops. The motives for the crusades was: to serve god, their religion (via Pope Urban II) and forgiveness of sins. The Pope called for the first crusade, because the muslims were taking over the christians lands. To stop this he gave out incentives for those who wanted to join the crusades. he told them that God needed their helps. He also wrote a persuasive speech, were he wrote the incentives. With the incentives he gave out, he convinced people to join. The four incentives he gave out were: promised entrance of kingdom into heaven, citizens who enlisted were freed from paying taxes, serfs could obtain freedom from their lords, and prisoners death sentences were transferred to life sentence in Palestine.

*Sources= Notes AND DBQ

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