German Aggression, dawn of World War II

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German Aggression, dawn of World War II

Post  Paola fix on Sat May 28, 2011 7:53 pm

Hitler takes charge to pursue his goals, First by bring all German speaking people into the German nation, also referred to as the Third Reich. He also took steps to gain living space for the Germans in the east. Then Hitler begins to take advantage of the Slavs in the east.
Hitler sends Nazis to Austria, then he gets the idea of the union of Austria and Germany, called Anschluss. Hitler obligates the Austrian chancellor to have the Nazis be in charge, when the Austrians refuse to follow the order Hitler sends his army to restore order. The Anschluss violated the Treaty of Versailles creating a thought of war. Any Austrian who went against Hitler was quickly silenced.
Germany begins to expand to its neighboring country, Czechoslovakia. Hitler demanded that Germans living in the Sudetenland were to have a self-ruling government. Czechoslovakia and Finland, being the only countries with a democracy were not backed by the British or French. Britain and France searched for peaceful solutions at the same time Hitler was increasing his demands. He said the Sudetenland must be occupied by the Germans.
At the Munich Conference in 1938, the British and French still chose appeasement. The British and French tried persuading the Czechs to give up the Sudetenland peacefully. To stop this idea Hitler says that he will no longer expand his territories.
When rulers go back after the Munich conference, the British tells his crowd that he had finally achieved peace for our time. He then tell the Parliament that it had saved the Czechs from being destroyed and a last battle between good and evil. French leader Edouard Daladier and British politician Winston Churchill had different reactions to the achievement at the conference, they predicted that it would definitely start war.
Hitler breaks his promise and continues to take over Poland who Britain and France were now protecting. However in 1939, Hitler announces that we will not have argument with his former enemy, the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. The two secretly made agreements. Also, this pact was not a friendship it was for both countries common needs. Hitler feared communism as Stalin feared Fascism. Hitler did not want to fight two wars at the same time. Stalin attempted to find allies in Western Europe, which made the Nazis have a common suspicion of what Stalin was planning.
In 1939, German forces invade Poland. Since Britain and France stuck to their agreement and declared war to Germany. World War II was triggered.

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