The end to Imperialism in Africa and Asia

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The end to Imperialism in Africa and Asia

Post  ebeli on Fri May 27, 2011 11:23 pm

By the years 1930’s, nationalist movements had taken place in Africa and Asia. People in Africa were tired of been under ruler of the westerns powers, like France, England, and other powerful countries. When World War II ended, the westerns powers had a weak military and were not good economically because they had to repair and fix everything that was destroyed during the war. This was a perfect time for those colonies that were under control of the westerns powers to get their independence. Some of the leaders of the nationalist, like Ghandi in India, protested for their country to be free. The colonies at the end won and got their independence because they didn’t have a powerful and strong military. These colonies choose the perfect time to get their independence, and also these westerns power had already many problems in their own countries that took a while to solve them. Also the cold war gave an end the imperialism. All these countries started to get their independence in 1930 and by 1980 more than 90 countries emerged in Asia and Africa. More than 50 nations emerged only in Africa. These countries that had emerged were recognized as developing countries. They were considerate like third world countries because they didn’t had the advance technology as the western powers. All of these nations became part of the United Nations, and in this place a bunch of countries will get together to exchange their ideas and thoughts about things to make a better country and grow economically. Exclamation Laughing

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