Mariposa Foundation and Dream Project

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Mariposa Foundation and Dream Project

Post  ebeli on Fri May 13, 2011 8:46 pm

There are many programs in the D.R that help kids that need a a education and material things. Two of this programs are called Dream Project and Mariposa Foundation. This two Projects have become important to many people from different countries. This Project is located in cabarete, D.R. this place help the kids to have a better future by giving them the opportunity to educate themselves. These programs are schools and their main goal is to give the best to this kids who need a hand to develop a good education. During summer they have a camp, which a lot of kids go to have fun, learn, and meet new people. There are volunteers who help during the year and most of them are from different countries. for them is a bless to help those kids because they are doing a good thing for those who need it. This projects have been happening for years and each year they develop, getting a better quality. Those kids appreciate everything that there are doing for them and they get advantage of this great opportunity. There are also a lot of schools around cabarete and out of the country that help these programs by giving them materials and volunteering with anything that they need. This Project has been a bless for all those poor families who can not afford for food, materials or a good school for them to study. Those Project are usually in third world countries because they are the ones who needed the most.

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