Prophet Muhammad and the Rise of Islam

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Prophet Muhammad and the Rise of Islam

Post  Marielly Martinez on Fri May 06, 2011 4:08 pm

Muhammad was born in Mecca, 570 A.D. He worked as shepherd in his youth, and then he followed caravans through the desert and became a successful merchant. At age of 25 he married Khadija. She ran a prosperous caravan business and had daughters with Muhammad. By his troubles of idol worship and moral ills of society, he at age of 40 he went to the desert, to meditate. There he heard the voice of angel Gabriel, calling him to be the messenger of God. The angel told him, “Recite in the name of your God, the creator, who created man from clots of blood.” But he was terrified when he heard this voice. He couldn’t understand how a merchant could become, messenger of God. His wife strengthens him to accept the call. She was called Islam, because she was the first to convert to the faith. He then dedicated his life, to spreading Islam. Muhammad got many people to getting into Islam. He gave them reasons, of why they should become Islamic. He promised them, life in paradise if they fell in battle. Weakness of Byzantine & Persian empires and members of the empires welcomed Muslims as liberators.

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