Positive Effects of Global Warming

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Positive Effects of Global Warming

Post  Hristo on Mon May 02, 2011 4:55 pm

The global warming is known as one of the fastest growing global problems. However, there is a good side of it too, which we can use. First, and most important, food production will increase greatly. The main things crops need are carbon dioxide, heat, and water. The global warming will provide more than enough of each. There are billions of acres of land which are currently unfertile mostly because of the unsuitable weather conditions. The global warming can change that by warming the cold northern lands and making them warm enough to grow crops there. Another positive benefit of the global warming is the increased navigability of the Arctic Ocean. If the glaciers continue to melt, a much larger part of the Arctic Ocean will be navigable. This is good for the global economy because it provides more fish supply, since the ships will be able to go further in the Arctic Ocean. It will also make it available to explore parts of the planet that haven’t been explored so far. Third positive benefit is the tidal energy. The increase of the sea level will lead to increase in the tides too. The stronger tides provide an opportunity for a new source of renewable energy.

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