what Eugenio Maria Hostos did for education

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what Eugenio Maria Hostos did for education

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Eugenio Maria de Hostos was born in Puerto Rico, in the year 1839. From an early age, he joined the struggle for freedom of the Antilles, especially Cuba and Puerto Rico remained Spanish colonies. After traveling to Spain, Paris, Chile and Argentina defending his causes, he for the first time came to Santo Domingo in 1875, where he worked for a newspaper called “Las Dos Antillas”, supporting Puerto Rico and Cuba so they could get their independence. He became friends with Gregorio Luperon y Federico Henriquez y Carvajal. In 1880, Hostos founded the "Escuela Normal de Santo Domingo ". The school implements a method based on the use of reason and logic. Also for Hostos it was important the discipline in school because it builds a character in all students. He was against using violence to discipline a kid. At this period was believed that women had to stay at home and be occupied with things in the house. Hostos had a different thought about it, he believed that women and man were equal and that they should have the same rights, and because of his believes he founded a school an institute for Jung ladies that was directed by Salome Urena. Then it became normal schools for teachers who were woman. For Hostos the schools shouldn’t teach religion, he believed that that was the parents jobs. He had success in the schools and it was a opportunity for many kids and adults to educate themselves and do something with their lives. Surprised

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