U.S. interference in Cuba

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U.S. interference in Cuba

Post  ebeli on Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:45 pm

Since the early nineteenth century, the United States had an interest in Cuba. U.S. troops landed in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines, the last three Spanish colonies defeated the Spanish resistance. U.S. putted military occupation in the three territories. This action put an initiative for the expiation of North America in the Caribbean, as also like military and economically. The influence over Haiti and the D.R increased at that period. Puerto Rico became apart of United States, since the north Americans invade and took it away from the Spanish. Americans failed to win over Cuba because of the powerful Cuban national aspirations. U.S.A created the Enmienda Platt, which permitted them to intervene in the finance of Cuba economically. Cubans were obligated to accept the Enmienda as an appendix to its constitution. When the conditions were favorable for the Americans, they took away the troops that were located in that area. In 1902 the Americans supervised the elections of Cuba, where Tomas Estrada Palma became president of Cuba.

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